Eren Gedik is an art director, stylist, and creative consultant born and raised in Istanbul. Grounded in media and communications studies, an artist residency in SVA New York ignited his passion for visual storytelling.

His curiosity led him to the world of fashion, where he thrived as a creative at Reflect Studio in Istanbul for three years.

Today, based in Amsterdam, he channels his creativity into freelance consulting, specializing in visual communication, creative and art direction, conceptual development, styling, and set design.

Selection of Magazines

GQ, ELLE, L'Officiel, L'Officiel Hommes, FAZ Quarterly, Le Mile

Selection of Clients

Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, Superstep, Netflix, Soccerbible, Lacoste, Yargıcı, Roman, Raisa Vanessa, Baguette, Juju, Reflect Studio, WWF (World Wildlife Fund) Market, Bruno Society, Normaillot, Manc, Rhodochrosite, 9192, Outkast People, Love My Body, Crea Floral and Botanical Space, Store Désolé, Amnesty Store, Barut Hotels, Dagi, Pemy Store


(+31) 6-17-11-54-30

based in Amsterdam

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